Brianna Mazzola

It’s hard for me to put into words how incredible Philip Pelkington truly is. Ever since I met him he has always done everything and anything to help his students, including myself with becoming better vocalists. Besides Philip Pelkington being a vocal coaching God… he is one of the most humble, generous, and greatest people you will ever meet. Every week I work with him my voice gets better and my range gets stronger. He wants/wishes the best for everyone of his students. Any vocal coach who flies 3,000 miles to LA to see you is definitely a keeper! Philip is more than just a coach, he’s family.

Brianna Mazzola
Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Hitco Entertainment 2018-present
Mouseketeer, Club Mickey Mouse, 2017
The Voice, Season 10, NBC 2016

Philip Pelkington is a phenomenal voice teacher, and such fun to be around! I look forward to my weekly lessons and love rehearsing my original material with him. Philip always helps me prepare for auditions and gives me invaluable advice and direction. I am so lucky to have met Philip!

Natalie Janowski

Protecting my voice is extremely important to me, especially because of the voiceover work I do. Philip Pelkington is an amazing teacher. With Philip Pelkington’s coaching, I have expanded my range and strengthened my mix, and have not had to worry about harming my voice. I love working with Philip Pelkington and can’t believe how much growth I have experienced, in my voice, style and confidence.

Dana Gaier
Edith, “Despicable Me 1,2 & 3,” Universal Pictures 2010, 2013, 2017

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Philip Pelkington. He’s an incredible teacher and mentor. My performance skills have improved tremendously since I started working with him. He’s also been very helpful with song selection. Philip really knows his stuff and he’s so generous and supportive in every way. I couldn’t ask for more.

Brighton Thomas
The Great American Songbook Foundation – Youth Ambassador 2016

Jackson Demott Hill

Philip Pelkington goes above and beyond to teach, prep and make sure that Jackson has every tool he needs to do his best vocal work. He has taken Jackson from zero to sixty in just a few short months, which has enabled him to compete with the best! We love working with Philip Pelkington and highly recommend him.

Jackson Demott Hill
George/Peter, Finding Neverland, Broadway, 2015-2016

Lilla Crawford

Meeting Philip Pelkington while living in New York has been a gift both professionally and personally. He has been a key player in helping me achieve excellence during many of my live performances and always goes above and beyond the role of a teacher. I consider Philip Pelkington to be a part of my family!!!!

Lilla Crawford
Emily, “New York Spectacular,” Radio City Musical Hall, 2016
Little Red, “Into The Woods,” Disney Pictures 2014
Annie, “Annie” Broadway 2012

Andrew Cekala

I truly cannot give enough praise to Philip Pelkington. Not only has my voice drastically improved while I have been taking lessons with him, but he has been incredibly useful in keeping my performances and song choices current, while also considering my style and range. He has also been extremely useful in preparing and keeping me acclimated for the ever-dynamic world of professional theater. Philip Pelkington has been an outstanding voice coach and friend.

Andrew Cekala
Theo, “Pippin” Broadway 2013
Theo, “Pippin” American Repertory Theater, Cambridge 2012
College Acceptance – University of Michigan, School of Music, Theater and Dance 2018

Philip Pelkington helped me with the song ‘Gabriel’ for my role in the HBO movie ‘Mary and Martha’. Thanks so much Philip Pelkington!

Beatrice Miller
Singer, “Mary and Martha,” HBO Movie 2013
Finalist, X Factor, Season 2, FOX 2012

Maddy Seitles

Philip Pelkington has been such a huge influence on me for the past few years I’ve been working with him. He has helped me to grow so much and learn to trust myself with songs and notes I didn’t even think I was remotely capable of singing. Through him, I have been introduced to so many amazing opportunities and I am so grateful to know and work with him.

Maddy Seitles

College acceptance – University of Miami, Frost School of Music, 2018

Kidz Bop – Albums 25-26, 2013-2014

Abigail Dylan Harrison

Philip Pelkington is much more than my voice teacher, he is a mentor, and I consider him to be a part of my family. Philip makes each lesson not only challenging, but fun, after each session I can honestly say I learned something new. Philip puts so much time and thought into every song selection, and above all he values and respects my opinions. Philip’s love of teaching has enabled me to fall in love with music and singing all over again.  Everyone should have someone like Philip Pelkington in their lives! I am lucky to say that Philip is a part of my world.

Abigail Dylan Harrison
Stacey Solloway, The Affair (Season 3-5), Showtime 2016-2019
Louise, A Christmas Story Live!, FOX 2017

Since I started taking lessons with Philip Pelkington, I’ve noticed huge improvements in my vocal range and ability. He teaches me proper technique and is genuinely concerned about protecting my voice. I really love working with Philip Pelkington, and I can never wait until my next lesson!

Ian Saraceni
Eric, “Matilda,” Broadway 2015-2016
King’s Children/Ensemble, “The King and I,” Broadway 2015

Philip Pelkington is technically brilliant and always goes the extra mile, but what really sets him apart is his deep and layered understanding of his students — with his golden nuggets of intuitive and pinpointed feedback he never fails to bring out the essence of both student and song.

Cole Edelstein
Swing – “Matilda” Broadway 2015-2016

Noah loves working with Philip.  He has fun and looks forward to his lessons. We can really count on Philip when Noah has an important audition coming up. He has been instrumental in helping Noah get many callbacks. Philip has gone out of his way to give Noah a lesson when Noah gets an important audition, whether it’s in person or via Skype, we really feel so lucky that we have Philip on our team.

Margie Hinsdale, Noah’s mom
Michael, “Finding Neverland,” Broadway 2016

Bailey Ryon

Philip is incredibly talented! He has helped me grow as a singer and has helped me gain confidence in the audition room and in performances. He absolutely knows the perfect songs for you to sing that are comfortable for you but still a little challenging. The best voice teacher I have ever had!

Bailey Ryon
Matilda, “Matilda” Broadway 2013
Cindy Lou, National Tour “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Danielle Standifer

As an exceptional voice teacher and vocal coach, Philip challenges me to widen my vocal range and take risks with my character interpretation. Working with Philip for several years, I have seen how my voice has grown and matured, a testament to Philip’s expertise!

Danielle Standifer
College Acceptance – NYU Tisch School of the Arts 2017

The improvement and growth in Ben’s vocal technique, range, control, and performance have been nothing short of amazing. Equally important, Philip Pelkington has been one of the professionals in Ben’s life who is clearly interested in what benefits and improves Ben, and not only protecting or furthering his own interests. Philip Pelkington has gone above and beyond, time and again, to guide, instruct, and encourage Ben to pursue his passion. I truly can’t say enough about Philip Pelkington’s knowledge, both of vocal technique and the industry in general, and his dedication to the success of his students.

Ben Senneff
College Acceptance – Baldwin Wallace 2017

Danny Bronico

Philip, having you as my vocal coach while my voice was changing was the best. You’re a great teacher who, even when I need some encouragement, has confidence in me and my abilities to push me on. Whether I was preparing for school performances or auditions, your dedication, expertise and enthusiasm is always there. You were an amazing help as I prepared for College auditions; my acceptance to Berklee College of Music is a reflection on how well you have taught me about vocals and stage presence.

Danny Bronico
College Acceptance – Berklee College of Music 2017

Anthony Pierini

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Philip Pelkington. Tremendous ability relating to children, and communicating vocal technique in a way that the kids can understand! Lessons are always fun!

Anthony Pierini
Young Will, “Big Fish,” Broadway 2013
Michael Banks, “Mary Poppins,” Broadway 2012
“Les Misérables,” 25th Anniversary National Tour 2010

This is all thanks to you!! We love working with you! Thanks so much!

Elisa Pierini, Nicolette’s mom
Mia, “Annie the Movie 2014”

Gabbie Sansone

He was like the pied piper, she hung on his every word. Her confidence soared! The happy ending is she auditioned at the school she chose, was accepted AND …Received a scholarship too! We are so very grateful. Hugs and Happiness and see you soon.

Deborah Catalano, Gabbie Sansone’s mom